Consignment Services

If there is a market for your firearm we would be happy to take it in on consignment.

The details are as follows- we charge 15% of the final sales price, or $65, whichever is greater, as our fee. There is a 90 day commitment on your part. If your firearm does not sell within 90 days and you wish to take the firearm back, there is a $50 early withdrawal fee. If your firearm has not sold after 90 days and you wish to take it back there is no fee. Or you can continue to have us try and sell it for you.

We will display the firearm in our shop as well as placing it on our website. In addition, we will also place an ad for your firearm on two additional, nationwide firearm selling sites so that you have maximum exposure and thus the best chance of selling your firearm in a timely fashion.

We take all pictures, answer all questions from prospective buyers and we handle all the shipping, if needed, as well.


Firearm Transfers and Firearm Shipping

Firearm Transfers

If you purchase a firearm from another FFL dealer out of state, or from a firearm manufacturer, etc., and have the gun shipped to us we will provide the transfer process for you. Our transfer fee, if you have a CCW, is $20 for handguns, long guns, lowers, or any serialized product. If we are transferring more than one item for you in a single transaction (ex- you have purchased two handguns online and you want us to do the transfer) then our fee is $20 for the first firearm and $10 for each additional firearm. If you do not have a CCW then the fee is $30 and then $15 for each additional firearm. Please note! Each year, from Memorial Day to the Fourth of July transfers for active or retired military or law enforcement personnel are FREE! (Just a small token of our appreciation for their service to our country) Please call our shop if you have additional questions concerning firearm transfers.

Note: Unless prior arrangements have been made, any firearm or any other serialized product that you order online and have shipped to us not transferred to you and picked up by you within 10 days will then incur a $2 per day storage fee. Any firearm or serialized product not transferred to you and picked up by you within 90 days will be returned to the sender and you will be responsible for these shipping costs and insurance, as well as the storage fee.

Firearm Shipping

If you wish for us to ship firearms for you, we will only ship to an FFL. Our fee for this service is $35 plus shipping for each firearm.


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